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Looking for workers and staff for Fehmarn?

We supply personnel and temporary workers to Fehmarn, and are a permanent partner to a number of companies that supply the large tunnel construction on the Fehmarn belt construction. Therefore, Norstaff can supply our temporary staff at short notice.

3 reasons why we are our customers’ preferred partner when it comes to staff and temps.

  1. We provide the right staff and workers in the right place, at the right time
  2. We deliver at a competitive price
  3. We know our staff and our customers, and create the best match

Because we are in close dialogue with our customers and because we know our temporary staff, we are constantly optimizing. This means for you, as a customer, that you will receive help throughout the whole process. Both before, during and after you have booked a worker from Norstaff at Fehmarn and everywhere else.


Our temporary workers and staff are an absolute high priority for us, and in return, we and our clients demand that they are hardworking and have the right attitude. Therefore, our customers are happy with our employees, and we at Norstaff experience a very high customer satisfaction.

If there is something we as a temp agency can do better, we take love to have a constructive dialogue with our customer, and correct errors as early in the process as possible. We simply want you as a customer only experience the benefits of having us as a partner.

If you think the above sounds right to you, contact us for a chat about your opportunities and how we can create value for you.

Norstaff also collaborates with Fehmarn Development.

Norstaff teamp agency Fehmarn staff

About Norstaff

We, as a temp agency, have more than 30 years in the field and our only goals are to be:

  1. a good employer for our temporary workers
  2. a great partner for you as a client

For some, we “put out fires” as they happen. For other clients, we are included in their staff and process planning, in order to streamline their “workforce” and get the best out of their permanent staff, who is paired up with our temp staff.

We also act as a recruitment company for several of our clients. We use not only the regular recruitment tools, but in particular more unconventional tools (in the Danish context), which we would like to tell you more about when it becomes relevant to you.

Read more about our many years of experience HERE.

How to build the Fehmarn tunnel

The Fehmarn connection is being built as a submerged tunnel between Rødbyhavn on Lolland and the German island of Fehmarn. Unlike a drilled tunnel, a submerged tunnel consists of hollow concrete elements cast ashore and assembled one by one until they form a tunnel.

To build the Fehmarn connection, a trench must first be excavated in the seabed, in which the tunnel must lie. This gutter becomes up to 60 meters wide, 16 meters deep and 18 kilometers long. A total of 19 million is to be dug. cubic meters of rock and sand from the sea floor. The land is used to create approximately 3 square kilometers of new natural areas on Lolland and to a lesser extent on Fehmarn.

Read more about the new land areas on Lolland here.

When the gutter in the seabed is ready, work on placing the tunnel elements can start. Each tunnel element weighs 73,000 tons, but as they are hollow and sealed with bulkheads, they can float in the water. Large tugs pull the elements out into the Fehmarnbelt, where they are lowered to the seabed with great precision and put together.

When the tunnel pipe is in place, the technical installations must be completed. These are the rail rails for the electric trains, communication systems, lights, ventilation, transformers and pumps. As a change in relation to the Øresund tunnel, the Fehmarn tunnel will receive 10 special elements with an extra basement floor.

A special element will be placed for every approx. 2. kilometers of the tunnel where equipment for operating the tunnel is placed. This means that the Fehmarn tunnel will be cheaper and easier to maintain, while saving large amounts of concrete because the standard elements can be reduced.

See more and current content about the Fehmarn building HERE

Norstaff teamp agency Fehmarn staff

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